Triniti, 11 years old & Kristian, 8 years old

Triniti is described as a smart, social, confident, and playful young girl that often gets into her own world. She is naturally athletic and loves to take part in sports. Triniti is currently on a volleyball and basketball team but has expressed that she is also interested in trying cheer and becoming a majorette. She also loves to partake in prayer dance at her local church. Triniti would love to be placed with a family that also attends church so she can continue with Sunday school, choir, and praise dance. Others have reported that she makes friends easily and often takes charge and becomes the leader of her peer groups. Triniti reports that she loves music, especially pop, R&B, and rap. She has a large binder filled with written poetry and songs that she enjoys working on. She loves drawing, coloring, and art projects. She describes her perfect day as going to a music studio and being able to sing, going to a concert, or going to a professional volleyball game. She would love to go to a UF Volleyball game to see the athletes and cheerleaders. Her favorite foods are spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, and anything with noodles. Triniti would prefer a family that is close to Gainesville, Florida, has a strong mother figure, and is encouraging of her relationship with a biological family member.

Kristian is a very energetic, excitable, and talkative 8-year-old boy who loves the outdoors and playing in the dirt. When Kristian isn’t outside, he loves to color and is very imaginative and creative. He is very interested in characters such as Spiderman, The Avengers, PJ Masks, and Elmo. Kristian is described as being very versatile, always changing, and a child that always keeps you on your toes. His favorite color is currently red, but his favorite colors, movies, and foods change often! Kristian is doing exceptionally well in school and thrives in smaller classroom environments with one-on-one attention from his teachers. Teachers and caregivers have shared that he has an amazing memory and can retain information very well. He would do well with a family that is patient, education-focused, and experienced with setting boundaries and communicating with sensitive children. Kristian is a very determined child with a big personality and is also described as being a natural leader. Kristian would also do well with a sibling, but he is described as being initially shy and particular about who he opens his full personality up to.

Kristian’s adoption ID is: 104944841.

Triniti’s adoption ID is: 102465773.

For more information on Triniti (Age 11) and Kristian (Age 8), please contact Ariana Giampietro at

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