The Process

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1) Contact Us: The first step is to email our Recruitment team at This team member will be able to give you an overview of the process, let you know what to expect, and answer any questions you may have.

2) Adoption Screening and Background Paperwork: At our adoption screening, PSF gets to know you and your family’s goals in an adoption. This is also a time for you to learn more about the adoption process and ask any additional questions. We will also go over the paperwork needed to complete a background check.

3) Orientation and Training: You will meet your adoption family liaison and receive an overview of the adoption process, time frames involved, and receive the required training for all prospective parents. The training class covers foster care experience, adoption training, and trauma-informed parenting to best meet the behavioral, emotional, and mental health needs of our children and youth.

4) Home Study: Your adoption liaison will initiate the home study which includes visiting your home, collecting references, and getting to know your family in-depth. You will also be working on the adoption application packet. Once your home study is approved, you will be considered for local matches every 60 days.

5) Match and Full Disclosure: Once matched, a match staffing will be held to assess your family’s fit for the child in relation to other home studies being considered. Once selected, PSF will provide you with all available information and history for the child.

6) Transition: Before a child is placed with you, the child will be introduced to your family through scheduled visits, and a transition plan will be created.

7) Post-Placement Supervision: A 90-day minimum post-placement period is required where a worker makes monthly visits to assess the child’s and family’s adjustments and readiness to proceed to finalization. Once this is complete and your family deemed ready to finalize, you will be notified of the agency’s consent to adopt.

8) Finalization: A hearing to finalize your adoption will be set before a judge, and the child will legally become part of your family.

9) Post-Adoptive Support: PSF’s post-adoption liaison is available to offer post-adoptive services to continue to support your family at any point after finalization. You can find more information here.

Child abuse is preventable
We can help change the lives of many children and teens.

A hallmark of PSF’s system of care is our belief that child abuse is preventable. We have found that by providing resources and supports to families in need on the front end, many can avoid reaching the crises that lead to formal child welfare involvement functions.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations throughout the year are a huge help to the children we serve. We accept donations by check, which can be mailed to our office or through the Philanthropy Hub link here.


Become part of a team that makes a lasting impact! No matter how much time you have to give, it is enough to make a big difference

Special Events

We often have unique opportunities to partner with us through events that are organized to benefit Partnership for Strong Families

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