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Welcome to our News and Media page, where you can find information on PSF’s latest happenings and media coverage.  We always have a lot going on and hope to share as much with you here as possible.  You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

PSF encourages open discussion on our social media platforms – including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  We look forward to the stories and experiences you have to share with us.  Whether the content is positive or negative, and as long as it fits into the framework of the conversation, we will allow your comment to be posted.  However, if the content of your comment is offensive, breaks confidentiality laws or is out of context, we reserve the right to remove it.  Please post your comments with care, they are seen by thousands and will remain online for years to come.

Examples of unacceptable behavior include;

  • Comments using harmful, hurtful or defamatory (offensive) language
  • Comments threatening an employee or client of PSF
  • Comments violating the rights and privacy of our clients and their families, this includes the posting of pictures or linking to pictures of PSF’s clients

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