Thomas, 16 years old

Meet Thomas, but you can call him “TJ” – a shy and unique 16-year-old with a flair for the unconventional. TJ is a big fan of heavy metal and punk rock tunes, his sanctuary painted in shades of black, red, and purple. Some of his favorite bands including Black Veil Brides and Get Scared. Occasionally, he also enjoys the music of rap artists including Diggy Graves and Lil Darkie.

When he’s not conquering virtual realms in Fortnite or diving into the adrenaline rush of Call of Duty, TJ delves into immersive role-play anime games. He also finds peace in drawing, and has also experimented with painting. TJ makes sure to take time for solitude when needed and finds a quiet space in his room where he appreciates the freedom of napping and introspection.

Sushi is his food of preference, and his favorite beverage is Pepsi. While others seek respite in idleness, TJ finds fulfillment in his part time job in carpentry and remaining productive. In a world of conformity, TJ proudly wears the labels of “punk” and “emo,” his authenticity a beacon of self-assurance. For him, creativity is not just a hobby; it’s a way of life, a testament to his commitment to honest self-expression.

TJ is flexible when it comes to family dynamics; he does not have a specific preference for having a traditional mother and father figure, a single parent household, or two mothers or two fathers. However, he leans towards a household with male children around his age, preferably between 12 to 16 years old. In terms of a living environment, he values privacy, independence, and having time to himself for relaxation and rest.

TJ’s Adoption Id is #109567031.

For more information about TJ, please contact Ariana Giampietro at

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