Ray’Shaun, 14 years-old & Reniyah, 11 years-old

Ray’Shaun is a quiet and humorous 14-year-old boy who identifies as being introverted. He finds solace in the presence of close friends and family. He describes himself as being neat and relaxes by cleaning and organizing things during his leisure time. Relaxation for him also involves immersing himself in music, particularly “old-school” rap artists like Usher, JP, Beyonce, and Betty Wright. He has a keen interest in building things, as he enjoys constructing Lego houses and expresses interest in one day building model cars or planes. He dreams of expanding his hobby collection with electronic Lego sets and visiting Lego World someday.

Ray’Shaun reports that he would like to one day attend the University of Florida, and career-wise, he envisions himself as an entrepreneur or being involved in the fashion industry. Ray’Shaun’s dream of having a job in fashion is driven by his love of shopping for clothes, shoes, and hats. His ideal day includes shopping for Nike or Jordan apparel, followed by visits to theme parks like Busch Gardens, Aquatica, or Disney World. His favorite foods include chicken alfredo and breadsticks from places like Olive Garden and Domino’s.

In terms of an adoptive family, Rayshaun envisions a nurturing, calm environment with both a mother and father figure, preferably in an urban setting, as he thrives in bustling cities and enjoys participating in various family and community activities. He expresses a desire to be adopted alongside his younger sister, Reniyah, and remains open to the prospect of joining a family with 1-2 other children. Ray’Shaun is hopeful for a family with dogs, as he has a fondness for animals.

Ray’Shaun’s Adoption ID is 10433318.

Reniyah is a bright and vibrant 11-year-old girl who approaches each day with enthusiasm. She finds joy in simple activities like cleaning, coloring, and swimming. She enjoys the small luxuries of life, such as getting her nails and hair done and going shopping. One of her favorite stores to shop at is Bath and Body Works. Re’Niyah describes her perfect day as being able to go window shopping at the mall followed by a delicious seafood meal or visiting a theme park like Disney World. Her favorite Disney characters are Lilo and Stitch. She also loves Barbie, and her favorite colors are pink and purple.

Reniyah’s interests extend beyond shopping and entertainment; she is also an avid reader and has received recognition for her achievements, including the Principal’s Award and Most Improved Reader award at school. But perhaps most inspiring is Reniyah’s dream of becoming a nurse, particularly one who works with newborns in the NICU. Reniyah is described as being studious, organized, and very attentive to detail.

Reniyah’s ideal family would embrace her interests and encourage her dreams every step of the way. She hopes for a family with both a mother and father figure, as well as other children to share companionship and connection with. She also loves dogs, both big and small breeds. She would enjoy a family who shares her love for travel, movie nights, and playful card games. Above all, Reniyah shares a very close bond with her brother and would love for a family to adopt them together. With her radiant personality and boundless potential, Reniyah is sure to bring joy and warmth to the lives of those fortunate enough to welcome her into their hearts.

Reniyah’s Adoption ID is 103615020.

For more information on Ray’Shaun and Raniyah, please email Ariana Giampietro at Ariana.Giampietro@pfsf.org.

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