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In collaboration with Casey Family Programs, PSF implemented the Permanency Roundtable process in the fall of 2010.  The project is aimed at finding permanent families for children who linger in foster care.  PSF is participating in an evaluation project along with two other Florida sites, Duval and Broward counties. The project targets children who have a goal of Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement (APPLA), and has since been expanded to include children with an adoption goal without an identified prospective adoptive home and to children identified through the Permanency Staffing process whose permanency plan is uncertain.

The Permanency Roundtable is a professional case consultation that provides support to the caseworker while taking an in-depth look at the child’s situation by applying 5 questions: (1) What will it take for this child to achieve permanency? (2) What can we do that has been tried successfully before? (3) What can we do that has never been tried? (4) What can we do concurrently to help this child achieve permanency? and (5) How can we engage the child in permanency planning?

The goal of the Permanency Roundtable initiative is to help change the culture in child welfare to one that demands permanency for every child in out-of-home care.  Research tells us those children who achieve permanency fare better than peers who age-out of foster care in the areas of social-emotional development, educational attainment, financial stability and physical and mental health.

Let’s get P.O.’d (Permanency Oriented)!

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