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Utilization Management

With a dedicated Utilization Management team of professionals, Partnership for Strong Families stands as an organization that has greatly expanded its system of care by shifting its service array to a discrete unit usage system, reducing logistical concerns for providers, developing an ever-growing prevention/diversion program and integrating evidence-based, family-centered practices into the entire model.

Discrete unit usage system with flexible service array
PSF’s Utilization Management System provides a model in which services delivered to our clients are timely, cost effective, and individualized. Services are delivered with discrete units versus a program of service provision as well as from a flexible service array through referral coordination and service authorization. This system allows PSF the ability to tailor services to the unique needs of our clients as well as assess and fill in gaps in the service array.

Ability to reduce logistical concerns for stakeholders and assist providers
Utilization Management partners with service providers to support and assist their work with children and families and help reduce logistical concerns involving referrals, invoicing, communication of information, and general problem-solving. Utilization Management staff serve as a resource to Child Protective Investigators, Family Care Counselors, service providers and all within our system of care. Family Service Facilitators specialize in knowledge regarding the available services in the areas PSF serves and are able to coordinate referrals based on client strengths and needs, provider specialization, provider location, provider capacity and client preferences.

Prevention/diversion program
PSF provides nearly 50% of its services through Utilization Managment under the prevention/diversion service programs (clients are also served through open services and post adoption cases). For cases assessed as having low to moderate risk concerns that can be mitigated in the home, the Child Protective Investigator may consider prevention/diversion services to provide supportive services to the family. The Child Protective Investigator works with the family to develop a plan for services and submits a request for services to the Family Service Facilitator. Any provider in our service array is available for families receiving prevention/diversion services. Referrals are received from the Child Protective Investigator, reviewed for family strengths and needs and directed to the most fitting provider by a Family Service Facilitator. Service providers provide feedback for each referral.

Evidence-based, family-centered practices
PSF’s Utilization Management System incorporates evidence-based, family-centered practices to promote positive outcomes for families. Our service array incorporates and advocates the use of clinical and behavioral health interventions for which systematic research has provided evidence of its effectiveness in specific areas. Through Utilization Management, we are able to focus on making evidence-based services available to the children and families we serve. Partnership and collaboration with families through respectful, strength-based services is also a focus. We support a view that the family is central to a child’s well-being. Family Team Conferencing as part of administering the Family Connections Grant shows Utilization Management’s commitment to family-centered practice.

Who is eligible to receive services?
Individuals eligible to receive services through Utilization Management include clients with open reports through the Department of Children and Families and clients with open services cases through PSF. Services offered may include a focus on parenting, mental health, substance abuse, anger management, domestic violence as well as a variety of other specialized services focused to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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