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Partnership for Strong Families endorses a culture of learning within its organization. Our goal is to deliver a diversified portfolio of initial and ongoing training experiences for professionals serving Florida’s children and families. The Child Welfare professional begins their discovery of new skills and competencies the moment they start the job. Classroom instruction is an extension along a continuum of learning. At the core of the Staff Development function is the drive to provide a practical, responsive and supportive environment for the professional development of child protection staff both at PSF as well as for our case management agencies, from the receptionist to the director. Training and continued staff development prepares individuals throughout our system of care to advocate effectively through a family-centered approach.

Partnership for Strong Families’ Staff Development department is responsible for the initial training, certification and continued professional development of all Case Managers and Supervisors, Program Directors and non-credentialed professionals. Our staff development specialists are innovative; Partnership for Strong Families was one of the first agencies to implement the state’s new Safety Methodology Practice Model, and we represent one of three organizations to pilot Florida’s new Pre-service curriculum.

Our Staff Development Specialists combined contribute more than 100 years of experience in the field of Child Welfare. We are an approved continuing educational provider through the Florida Certification Board, and our primary goal is to support organizational goal by increasing the knowledge, skills and abilities of the child welfare professional.

To accomplish this, the Staff Development function offers training in different modalities: classroom instruction, workshops, learning labs, webinars, online and self-paced courses, mentors, simulations.

Course Descriptions for regular course offerings:

Pre-service training is the pre-requisite for all child protection professionals. Pre-service is a comprehensive 9 week course that introduces the case manager and supervisor to the foundations of child welfare. Some of the topics covered within the Pre-service curriculum include the following: Abuse and Neglect, Assessment, Case Planning, Documentation, Legal and an introduction to and navigation of the Florida Safe Families Network (FSFN). This program covers state-mandated topics needed for accreditation and is followed by a field-based, on-the-job program leading to certification.

Family Team Conference: Families have a long history of dealing with and solving crisis by convening their own support to help address family emergencies. Family Team Conference training identifies and helps develop both interviewing and problem solving skills that aid in the development, crafting and implementation of the family team and the family plan.

Myers Briggs Training: The Myers Briggs personality instrument is used to gain an understanding of worker’s preferences. It is used to develop an understanding of self and co-workers to enhance creativity and improve working relationships.  This course is typically an additional component of the Supervising for Excellence Training Program.

Supervising for Excellence Training: A pre-requisite for new case management supervisors. Participants will learn how to build effective teams, give constructive feedback and steer their team toward positive outcomes for children and families in care.

Certified Human Trafficking Educator: This intensive training and education is aimed at providing tools and strategies to increase awareness of human trafficking, help identify, re-integrate victims/survivors and effectively partner with other community institutions in the fight against human trafficking.

Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator: This course explores burn-out, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue with participants. Participants develop strategies and treatment after learning to recognize their own symptoms.

By combining the programs, the state of the art training facilities and the talents of the staff development team, PSF offers its people the opportunity for career growth and provides the organization with talent needed for the continuous improvement effort essential to meeting the needs of our children and families.

 Staff Development Team:

Connie Pierre Antoine
Staff Development Director

Tia Stover
Staff Development Specialist

Kimberly Sherrod
Staff Development Specialist


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