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Here are examples of the different types of services that you and your team may decide will be helpful in meeting your family’s needs. Please remember that these services are flexible and can change over time, if needed. You will need to talk with your Family Care Counselor about how the services you and your child(ren) utilize are working and what other services or support your family needs.

  • Substance Abuse Treatment (residential and out-patient)
  • Mental Health Services (case management, specialized therapy, crisis intervention/services)
  • Domestic Violence Services
  • Parenting Skill Development
  • Educational Assistance
  • Job-seeking skills
  • Child Care Referrals
  • Housing Help
  • Homemaking skills (including organizing, budgeting, etc.)
  • Specialized Counseling (such as for victims of sexual abuse)
  • Medicaid for Children
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessments

Emergency Services and Phone Numbers:

  • Police/Fire/Ambulance – 911
  • Meridian Behavioral Healthcare’s Crisis Stabilization Unit–352.374.5600 or 1.800.330.5615
  • Alachua County Crisis Center – 352.264.6789

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