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Community Advisory Council
Part of being a community resource center is involving the community in our planning and decision-making. We want the people who use the Library Partnership to guide the way. The council meets 5-6 times a year as needed. If you are interested, please join our Community Advisory Council. To apply for the Council, stop by the Library Partnership, call 334-0164 or email Sabrina at Sabrina.Williams@pfsf.org.

Purpose of the Community Advisory Council:
The Library Partnership exists to provide services and support to the families of East Gainesville so that families are strong and healthy and the risks of child abuse and neglect are reduced. We believe that every family and community has resources and strengths. The challenge is to effectively bring these assets together to help families succeed and thrive. The purpose and function of the Community Advisory Council is to help facilitate this process.

These are the essential principles that the Library Partnership Community Advisory Council follows:
The Community Advisory Council leads by serving the interests and priorities of the entire community; no one is excluded or overlooked.
The members represent all segments of the community and reflect its racial and ethnic diversity.
All members have an equal voice in the process.
Partnership for Strong Families, Alachua County Library District and the Florida Department of Children and Families are partners in the Library Partnership and have representation on the Community Advisory Council.
Parents’ input and leadership is essential to the composition and focus of the Council.

These are the essential duties of the Library Partnership Community Advisory Council:
To provide direction in programming;
To advocate for the community and Library Partnership at the local, state and national level;
To promote the Library Partnership to the community

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