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Brandon is an active teen with a vivid imagination.  He enjoys being outdoors and playing on any field or court. He is also passionate about music and especially loves listening to rap and country. Brandon gets along well with his peers, and one of his most notable strengths is his love for bringing smiles to the faces of his friends and caregivers through his jokes and animated story-telling.  Brandon has big ideas and is known for being the  jokester in any group. With his positive energy, ambition and creativity, Brandon is sure to fill a home with joy and laughter.

Please contact Seanetta Robinson at Seanetta.Robinson@pfsf.org or 386.243.8812 for additional information on these youth. 

My adoption ID is 102924879


Khloe Cathryn has a smile that could light up a room with a personality to match. Khloe Cathryn is a transgender teen who identifies as a female. Khloe Cathryn has an impeccable sense of fashion. She is reserved and guarded upon first meeting someone new, but once she gets acquainted her exuberant side is quick to shine. Khloe Cathryn has a huge passion for the outdoors and animals, specifically horses. She hopes to attend veterinarian school after graduating from high school. Khloe Cathryn simply wishes to be accepted just as she is and embrace her true self.  She would do very well with a family involved in the LGBTQ community.

Please contact Sarah Guy at Sarah.Guy@pfsf.org or 352.244.1655 for additional information on this youth.

My Adoption ID is 10334047.

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