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Family Support Consultants

PSF’s Family Support Consultants (FSCs) are Master’s level staff who work very closely with the Department of Children and Families to help promote sound decision-making and the provision of appropriate services and supports.  They provide the opportunity to discuss investigations of families where children are deemed safe, yet living in households in which there are significant risk factors related to the likelihood of future of abuse or neglect.  As a result of the safe determination, these families do not receive ongoing case management services, and while appropriate services and supports are considered for the families, these are voluntary and require agreement from the parents or caregivers; thus, increasing vulnerability of the children. 

 In an effort to promote future success for these families by safely preventing the need for further child welfare involvement, the FSCs facilitate multidisciplinary, Family Support Staffings and informal consultations with the Child Protective Investigators and their supervisors. These discussions are designed to promote critical thinking necessary to enhance the assessment and analysis of current family functioning, caregiver protective capacities, identified risk factors and family or individual needs.  In addition to Family Support Staffings, these individuals also facilitate intakes for the Family Connections program, an intensive, in-home program designed specifically for safe but high risk families meeting specific criteria.

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