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What is Family Connections? 
Family Connections provides services to help with emergency needs, family support, counseling and community resources. 

What is Florida Family Connections Collaborative?
Florida Family Connections Collaborative was formed in 2013 by Partnership for Strong Families and Kids Central to better serve families in North Florida. We serve families who need assistance during times of crisis or who are under stress.

Who is eligible for Family Connections services? 

Families are recommended to receive services during the intake process and screening process with Department of Children and Families. Therefore families must have an open investigation with the department and have high/very high risk factors. For Family Connections to have the greatest chance of success in serving families, the family must be willing to participate. 

What will Family Connections do with my family? 
The goal of Family Connections is to help your family succeed in the following ways:

  • We will connect your family to resources and services.
  • We will build on your family’s strengths.
  • We will give your family the basic tools and skills you need to raise your child in a safe, happy home. 

How does PSF know Family Connections works? 

A lot of research has been done on families who have received services through Family Connections. This program has reduced risk factors and enhanced protective factors in many families. For more information on how PSF is using Family Connections, view our brochure here. The findings of the research have been published in reports and peer reviewed journals and also presented at conferences.  For more information regarding Family Connections research click here.  

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