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 Partnership for Strong Families employs leading-edge, exhaustively-vetted programs and techniques designed to provide care and guidance to families and children at every level. PSF is an Innovation Site for Family Centered Practice, meaning we will pioneer ways to improve the safety and overall outcomes for children that can be replicated statewide.

3 pillars of service:

  • Resource Center Model – PSF received national support from Casey Family Programs in creating our Resource Center Model and opening our first center, the Library Partnership.  These centers help families before they reach crisis and need formal system involvement.
  • The Permanency Roundtable – This program provides support to the caseworker while taking an in-depth look at helping achieve permanency for every child in out-of-home care, particularly teenagers who have had a difficult time obtaining permanent placement solutions.
  • Family Team Conferencing – This and other services help reinforce family values, resolve conflicts, improve communication and provide parents the tools to cope with daily challenges.

A Trained and Caring Staff
Our staff-members have exceptional experience and a storied background of caring for at-risk children and providing coping skills to families. For more information about the remarkable people committed to creating a better future for our community and its children, visit our Human Resources page.

Use of Grants to Conduct Ongoing Research
PSF utilized a grant from the Children’s Bureau to continue testing both current as well as alternative approaches to Family Team Conferencing (FTC) to discover the most effective methods to promote child and family safety and well-being, permanent homes for children, family involvement and other vital goals.

PSF is dedicated to the following initiatives designed to promote the safety, harmony and success of children and families:

  • We are a Family Centered Practice utilizing programs that promote family inclusion, accommodation and participation and assist service providers in working with the family.
  • Our Decision Team Consultants assist in the assessment of risk/safety factors and determine if and when it is feasible to allow a child to remain safely in the home.
  • Our Utilization Management System and Family Service Facilitators support service providers in their work with children and families and help reduce logistical concerns.

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