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Michael_Reneke1Senior VP of Finance & Administration

Michael Reneke was named Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration, assuming leadership for the Information Technology and Finance Departments in addition to his Contract Management and Quality Assurance Department oversight in 2011.  Mr. Reneke joined PSF as a Contracts Coordinator in 2005, quickly earning a promotion to the position of Contract Manager. His success in that role elevated him to Contract Manager Supervisor in 2006. He was subsequently promoted to Vice President of Administration and Quality in 2009.

Mr. Reneke’s prior work history includes public sector experience as a Senior Public Assistance Specialist with the State of Florida, a grant analyst for the Florida Partnership for School Readiness and Operations Management Consultant with the Department. He also served with the Agency for Workforce Innovation, where he designed contracting and financial practices and worked extensively with local boards on the design and implementation of their own unique systems.  He helped design the audit and monitoring practices still being used by the State of Florida today, and conducted audits from the Keys to Pensacola.  Mr. Reneke also has experience working with Early Learning Coalitions, collaborating with OPPAGA, participating in legislative reviews and working with the Office of the Inspector General to identify cases of fraud, leading to criminal convictions and agency closures.  He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of West Florida.

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